Why Dark Sonar blogs about cybersecurity

This is the first blog post from Dark Sonar. My name is George Lee and I'm the founder and CEO of the cybersecurity company.
While we primarily focus on preventing fake identity fraud and the like, we believe that blogging is really important. I'll go into why that's the case

Why does this blog matter?

  • Transparency is first and key. When some cyber attack occurs we want you to know exactly what happened, sort of like a post-mortem.
  • We want you to know what we're doing and the new features and capabilities we are adding to our software
  • We will post about new cyber threats that we see in the emerging field of online cyber security. Things from ransomeware to a zero day exploit. And we share the birds eye view from our threat network.
  • We want to help the cyber security community best battle against hackers and bad actors.

This is the first post and I look forward to the next hundred.
On behalf of the Dark Sonar team, I thank you for reading the blog and hope it is helpful and informative.

George Lee

George Lee is the Founder & CEO of Dark Sonar. He leads technology and business development of Dark Sonar from his cybersecurity background.